Facing A Life Changing Ethical Dilemma Case Study

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Facing a life changing Ethical Dilemma Over the past ten years I have been faced with many ethical dilemmas. One in particular is standing out to discuss with others. It has taken many years to face. In 2008, I went through a breakup that had many different options and a range of many emotions, all at the same time. I lost the love of my life, my children’s father and my friend. In 2010, we went to family court for a custody battle, I will never forget. At that time I was not ready to face a break up, but I had to do what was best for me and my children. It all started when he threatened to take them away and never return. When he said this to me I didn’t know what to think or even how to act. I was young; I had very little experience and feared I would never see them again. All I knew with all my heart was court was going to happen and I will make…show more content…
However, what I have found over the past two and a half years is that their father is a good provider, but he spends most of his time at work or with others away from home. While he is away, his wife has more one on one with our children than he does. In my dilemma, they should be with me in his absence, what should I do? Yes, I am faced with the facts that I cannot afford the same luxuries as their father can at this present time, but I provide them with everything the need, plus tender, love and care. If I was as confident now as I should have been back in 2010, this custody battle would be mine without any questions asked. Now that I have the understanding of how important it is for quality of life, and the impacts it has, why would I take them out of high living, into poverty living? Is it the right thing to do? Or should I wait until they are older and explain to them that this was the best thing for them once again at the time (short term) or later as for (long
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