My Grandfather Immigration

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Immigrants helped build and grow our country ever since the colonial times. Many different people left their struggling homeland for various reasons and migrated to America from all parts of the globe in places such as Ireland, Europe, Spain and Mexico. They all wanted to make the great journey sharing ultimately the same desire. They come to American with high hopes of living the American dream. By 1940 there was an estimated 1.6 million immigrants who came to America. That number increased to nearly 4 million immigrants in the 1960’s and has since dramatically increased in numbers ever since. My Dad’s father was a one of the people who made the difficult decision to migrate. Ascension, my grandfather, is a take a bull by its horns type of guy. Born in 1942 he grew up and lived in Delicious, Chihuahua until he was 17 years old. He wanted to advance his education but was unable too due to financial situations and politics in the schools. He said “Your name and connections are all they looked at”. He did not come from a wealthy family, so unfortunately was unable to pay for school alone. That slowly started to reside in him and eventually started to motivate him. …show more content…

While working with the hay-bells he met my grandmother where they eventually started dating and got married in Lancaster. My grandparents decided to move to Los Angeles. After working at different jobs and living in Lancaster for a few years my grandfather, 21 at the time, had a well understanding of the English language but struggled speaking it correctly. When he arrived in Los Angeles he found himself new employment as a supervisor in a warehouse facility. He said, “Plenty of opportunities” because in Mexico even if you wanted to work there was no positions open. Not stopping there he found a better job as a manager for a machine manufacturer where he stayed at a long time saving up

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