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My Fitness Training Program The sport I take part in is football .I play regularly for the school team. I am 15 years old, this is important because when designing a training programme you need to consider that being a boy my body wont be fully developed until I am about 20 years old. This means that my bones won't be fully-grown yet and my muscles will also still be developing. My current health is good. I have no illnesses and currently have no injuries. My current fitness level is above average. Average fitness level is the average level of fitness of the people of my age group. I have a high muscular strength and power but a low flexibility level. My current weekly routine would be - · I walk about 3km to and from school each day. · I play waterpolo once a week for Salisbury U-18's · I play football for the school team up to twice a week · I play football at lunch with my friends most lunchtimes The fitness tests that I have done that are relevant to my plan are the Cooper 12 Minute run test in which I ran 2700 metres which is in the above average ability group. I wish to improve my endurance because a high endurance level would be very advantageous in football. The last relevant test that I did is the HandGrip Dynamometer test and I scored 46kgs in this test which means I have a high muscular strength which is helpful in football because it means I can run very quickly, make a tackle and then pass the ball up the field If you are fit then your heart rate will go up less and less quickly than if you are unfit. Also when you stop exercising it will go down much quicker and go back your resting heart rate than if you... ... middle of paper ... ... I started taking my Walkman out running with me so I could listen to music whilst running. Swimming I found fun because I enjoy swimming anyway. In the gym sessions I enjoyed these because I went down to the gym with my brother so I had somebody to talk to. After finishing the programme I still had almost a week before I went back to school and I decided because I was bored without the programme I would carry on with it. Now I'm back at school I have continued with programme but due to restrictions on the time I have I now do a much more intense programme but with only 3 sessions a week after school. Because I know have gym equipment in my house I don't need to worry about getting to the gym. However, because my parents wont buy a swimming pool for our garden I still have to walk the 3 or 4 miles to get to the pool.

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