Investigating the Effect of Exercise on Heart Rate

Investigating the Effect of Exercise on Heart Rate


The aim of this experiment is to investigate how exercise affects

heart rate. I am going to record my resting heart rate, then exercise

for 30 seconds , then 1 minute and increase the period of exercise by

30 seconds until I am exercising for three minutes without stopping .

I will does this twice and take an average


I predict that my heart rate will increase as a result of exercise. I

think that there will be a slight increase to begin with, but as the

body has to work harder I think that the heart will then increase at a

faster rate. This is because my body need s more oxygen because it is

burning energy through respiration which gives you energy from sugar

and oxygen and you need more of this for your muscles when you


Sugar + oxygen =energy +oxygen+ carbon dioxide

Compared to when I am resting I need more food and oxygen


I will change the periods of exercise, I will measure my pulse rate

resting and after exercise and take an average. I will keep the

exercise, step ups, the same. To keep it a fair test I will rest

between each period of exercise to let my heart rate to return to my

resting heart rate.


Timer, step


Collect apparatus

Record resting heart rate for 1 minute (arm, neck, temple, chest)

Exercise for 30 seconds and record your heart rate

Rest until your heart rate is as it was at resting

Repeat this for each period of exercise increasing it y 30 seconds

each time until your exercising for 3 minutes

Do this experiment 3 times to get an average


Time minutes

1st pulse bpm

2nd pulse

3rd pulse

Average pulse







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