My First Family

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I grew up with a family that has had a really close relationship with each other. My immediate family consists of my two parents, two older brothers, my younger sister, and me. My father has always been seen as the person with power in my family. He has taught us valuable lessons in life and has raised us with the idea that family comes first. We consider ourselves to be a strong family because whenever one of us is in need or has an issue we all support each other and help each other overcome whatever difficulty it is that we are having. During big holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years, we always have to be together as a family. My father believes that those days are a time to spend with family. Overall, he has taught us…show more content…
Two years later, they both returned to Mexico to get married. Both of my older brothers were born in Mexico. Then my parents decided that they would have a better life for their family here in Los Angeles. Both of my brothers passed with birth certificates that belonged to two of my cousins that were born here in the US and had the same age as them while my parents crossed illegally. I was born in the fall of 1987 and became the third boy in the family. My parents didn’t have children again until 1995 with the birth of my sister. In December of 2006 they celebrated their 25th anniversary and up to this date, after being married for 35 years, they still hold a strong and healthy…show more content…
In 1993 my uncle, who was my father’s brother, passed away after getting hit by a car on a Mexican highway. Two years later, on May 23rd of 1995, my paternal grandfather passed away due to pulmonary cancer. On Halloween of 2008, I remember getting a phone call from my mother notifying me that my aunt had passed away due to cancer. Four years later, in 2012, my maternal grandmother passed away due to an illness. Then, in November of 2013, my paternal grandmother passed away due to an illness as well. Those dates were very tough on my
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