My Father And Family

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Affected by my father and mother, I consider family as my first priority. We care about each other and think that we will never ask anything for in return. But that is not the case. We often ask people we love for compliance with our will. Therefore, we will be glad to see that someone can meet our expectations of that person. Our point is that I give so much to you, why you do not abide by my desicion or rules? Our logic sometimes ruin the relationship between people and us.
My brother is thirteen years younger than me; now, I am an adult, but my brother is still a kid, who is in second grade in primary school. Even though we are brothers, we have a generation gap between us; after all, we were born in different centuries. More important,
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What I experienced before trains me how to react in certain situations. When he grew up gradually, my brother was becoming naughty and often acted in a way that my parents could not bear. My parents sometimes were unable to bear my brother’s misconduct so they criticize him loudly and impatiently. I didn’t agree with what my mom has done with my brother and thought that was the nature of a kid, telling my mom to be patient. I was always thinking that parents’ impatience would hurt my brother’s heart and even ruin his self-esteem. However, I never realized what happened to my parents would happen to me until I stayed with my brother alone and he was mischievous to me. Or sometimes his reaction to a certain situation conflicted with my expectation. Therefore, I couldn’t repress my anger with my brother and lost my patience like my parents. What was worse, I never imagine I would shout at him and even hit him for two times. After hitting my brother, I regretted it and felt nervous. During that…show more content…
I have no right to tie him down. Love could not be a bargaining chip. If so, do I still love him? I think I would be selfish if I told my brother to obey me because I care about him. I used to think obedience to me was a form of return or respect. But now I know I care about my brother because I want him to have a better childhood. I will not preach to my brother; instead, I will communicate with him and listen to his
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