Advantages And Disadvantages Of Siblings

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Anyone with siblings can easily agree that they are both a blessing and a curse. Siblings are always there for one another, they give great advice, they share their belongings, and they are forever friends. Despite all the good, siblings also come with some bad. Siblings annoy people, embarrass others, they take each other’s belongings without permission, they pick on each other, they get each other in trouble, and they are overly competitive. Not every sibling acts all the previous ways, each sibling holds a certain set of characteristics. Scientists and psychologists believe that a child's behavior and personality traits are determined by the order in which they were born in. There are several types of siblings based on personality traits,…show more content…
Scientists who study birth order and how they affect personalities of siblings believe that the “favorite sibling” is most often the middle child. They are easy going, social, generous, reserved, and adaptable. Parents could like this sibling more than the others because they could be more respectful, smarter, funnier, more honest, or because they are more ambitious. This sibling is also known to “kiss up” towards their parents, aditional reasons to be the favorite sibling. This sibling never has to ask their parents for permission on anything, and they normally get anything they want. This sibling does not have to ask their parents for permission to hang out with friends, to go to the movies, to go on dates, to spend the night at a friend’s house, or to have friends over at their house. The favorite sibling gets their parents to buy them nearly anything they want as long as the price is reasonable, and they are the ones who get to pick where the family eats when they go to a restaurant. This sibling finds a way out of any bad situation, they always have a believable excuse, and being the favorite sibling gets them out of being punished. This sibling takes their powers and uses them against their parents and their siblings. If this sibling does not get their way, they will throw a tantrum and make a scene so that they do get their way. They pout, beg, and complain until someone…show more content…
This sibling is often treated like a “baby” by their parents, grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and other family relatives. The youngest sibling is spoiled by their relatives emotionally, physically, and socially. Emotionally, this sibling is hardly ever discouraged, they are supported, never insulted, they are never in trouble, and their parents show them plenty of attention. Physically, the youngest sibling is spoiled with shopping sprees, gifts, money, and deeds. This sibling is allowed to do more than their other siblings since their parents are strict on their older siblings and lenient with the youngest sibling. Socially, this sibling has a lot of freedom, they are allowed to leave the house to hang out with their friends, and they are allowed to have their friends over at their house without their parents giving them a curfew or being harsh on them. The youngest sibling is well known to be the “center of attention.” Meaning that the parents of this sibling show that they idolize this sibling more than the other siblings. Parents frequently show more concern for the youngest sibling when it comes to their life struggles. When parents focus their attention towards the youngest sibling rather than all their siblings, it causes much conflict with the other siblings, making them feel left out. Most siblings
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