My Family As A Family

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Family is a system that helps define our perceptions, temperaments, and perspectives. The origin of the word family comes from the Latin word ‘familia’ that means household servants. Family can be define as: In the last few decades, American families have changed significantly. New combinations of family households are more common than ever before, with the increase in divorce and remarriage, adoption … In short, a family is any group of people who live together, share with one another, work together, care and support each other, keep each other safe and love each other. (Boys & Girls Clubs of America, "What is a Family?") A family’s relationship is a form of service. Families serve each other in interactions, but according to how a family …show more content…

They began talking when she was seventeen years old and they had my father when she was nineteen years old. My grandfather has a total of three sons and two daughters. The reason they do not appear on the genogram is that I, nor my father has a lot of knowledge about them. My grandfather 's birth month and birth date excluded for that reason. The relationship between my father and him is not strong. My grandmother has three children, two being sons with one daughter. My father is the oldest in this is the side of the family that I am most familiar with, the Butlers. There is distance between my father and the Washington family which is my grandfather ' side. My grandmother, Anna Lou Butler, and grandfather, Eugene Washington, only share one child who is my father. As far as I know, this grandfather was not abusive; however, he was not stable or faithful. Both of my parents came from broken homes and unstable family environments. As I mentioned before, family defines a lot for us later on in life. It helps us understand inform what it is we aspire to do with our family or what it is we do not aspire to do with our family when that day comes. My parents have been married for thirty plus years despite the chaos, feud, instability, grief, and confusion they experienced in

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