My Educational Philosophy Of Education

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According to Becoming a Teacher, “Educational philosophy consists of what you believe about education- the set of principles that guides your professional action.” A teacher’s educational philosophy includes teacher’s beliefs about students, about teaching and learning, and about knowledge in general. It is important for teachers to reflect continually on what they believe and why they believe it. By reflecting continually it can help us to improve our practice. Below is a synopsis of my developing educational philosophy.
My educational philosophy about students comes from the perspective that each child is unique and childhood is a valuable stage of development. I believe that all children can learn and it is my job to help them to grow to their fullest potential. I believe that when working with children it is important to have full knowledge of child growth and development. I also believe that children are understood and supported in their development within the context of family, culture and society. NAEYC standards 7.A states that teachers “Know and understand the program families.” For this reason I believe in getting to know each child and their family. I spend time talking with families. In my classroom all children and their families are treated with dignity and respect. I believe relationships with children and their families should be based on trust and positive regard. I believe that parents are their childs first teacher and partnering with families in the education of their child is a priority. As a teacher I will help children to discover their world. I will also assist them in discovering information about themselves. My classroom will always be a safe, secure, caring and stimulating environment th...

... middle of paper ... a teacher as well as guide my educational philosophy. According to our textbook Student Teaching, “Self -knowledge should precede trying to impart knowledge to others.” All of my beliefs and values help to shape who I am and what my educational philosophy consists of. Since I value learning I believe teaching is an important job. I am constantly learning myself therefore I am modeling the importance of education to my students. I value imagination and exploration. Therefore I provide many hands on activities that allow the children to explore and to use their imagination
In summary, one of my hopes and goals as an educator is foster a love of learning in all of my students. I will always try to accomplish this by sharing my passion for learning with my students. I will also continue to meet this goal by continuing to learn and advocate for children/families.
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