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Hello, and welcome to my Air Force story. This paper is factual, and encompasses the humble beginnings of a poor college student and provides insight through to how I am affecting the Air Force mission today. Along the way, you will read about the circumstances that enticed a young man to join the Air Force, training received, a brief description of assignments, accomplishments, positions held, and how I affect the future leaders of the Air Force and its mission. Growing up I always wanted to fly airplanes, especially after I visited the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. After high school with an uncertain future but desiring an education, I started taking classes at a local technical college that specialized in university transfers. Specifically, a university transfer to Clemson University where I joined the ROTC program as a sophomore. After sophomore year, I earned a two-year scholarship to attend Clemson fulltime, followed by a trip to Lackland AFB for field training. As a junior, I earned a navigator training slot, a flying billet that was an answer to my prayers. Upon completion of my degree in Human Resources, I commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and assigned to casual status to await navigator training. As a casual Lieutenant assigned to Warner Robins AFB I learned how the 16th Airborne Command and Control Squadron trained, operated, and deployed. While assigned to aid the Chief of Training I gained valuable insight into how a training shop ran all the while attending the Air and Space Basic Course, Navigator Initial Flight Training, and completing my Private Pilots’ License. After nine months of rudimentary jobs, I left for navigator training at Randolph AFB. During my initial navigator training at Ra... ... middle of paper ... ...B as a member of the 62nd Airlift Squadron I train all C-130 crew positions in visual low-level flight, formation, instrument flight rules, airdrop and air land procedures utilizing NVGs and several tactics techniques and procedures to aid in safe operation of the C-130 aircraft and its variants. When I arrived at the 62nd, I earned a student Flight Commander position. In which I am responsible for the training of student navigators desiring the same skills I once learned. Now I am teaching what I have learned and what others desire to become. With my guidance in the short amount of time that I have with students I affect all Major Commands by teaching C-130 airpower employment and training future airmen to fly the Mighty Hercules. My impact goes beyond squadron goals but rather affects the Air Forces ability to prosecute its current and future wars. Hooaah!

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