Going to College while in the Military

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A college education is an essential step towards a successful military career. To some enlisted members, continuing or starting a college education may seem difficult to do. My decision to continue a college education was easy. Being stationed at an Air Base for a year has given me an opportunity to do so without being sidetracked by some of life’s daily responsibilities. Since it is an unaccompanied tour and I have no choice but to live in dorms, going to college is much easier then back in the states. Being stationed here has given me great opportunity to dedicate all my free time towards a college degree. After going to the Education Center I was very pleased. Right now the Air Force will pay one hundred percent of my college tuition fees. So the first thing I did was set a goal. I planned to start small; first working towards my Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) degree. The CCAF is the only degree-granting institution of higher learning in the world dedicated exclusively to enlisted people (The Insider: Air Force Education Programs, par. 4). A CCAF degree, which is equal to an associate degree, helps in numerous ways. Many Air Force special duty assignments require enlisted members to have a CCAF degree. For example, to become a Military Training Instructor or T.I., the member applying is required to have a CCAF degree. The path towards a college degree may be challenging; however, the rewards seem to be endless. Some of my co-workers apparently do not have time to take advantage of a free college education. Working as aircraft maintainers cuts into their free time. It can be tough not knowing if tomorrow will be a twelve or fourteen hour shift. Of course who would want to sign up for classes if one cannot attend th... ... middle of paper ... ...have to take away from all of one’s free time. Taking at least one class per term can allow plenty of time to enjoy off duty hours. Online courses allow for military members to deploy without worrying about missing classes and all of the important material covered. CLEP and DANTES tests require little or no studying and save time and money while still helping to earn college credits. -With education being a major contributor to successful military careers, it takes a commitment to self-improvement and a great deal of motivation to continue or start a college education. After knowing all available options and benefits, making a decision should be simple. Besides obvious career benefits, a college education broadens horizons and allows Airmen to change their outlook on the world. Works Cited The Insider: Air Force Education Programs. 24 Jul. 2003. 13 Mar 2005.
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