Mutualism Essay

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Introduction The body contains bacteria both inner and outer. The human body and some of there bacteria that the body contains is mutualistic. Mutualism is where both bacteria and host, human body, benefit from each other, and need one another in order to function. This bacteria is known as normal microbiota, harmless bacteria the body has. Yet, there are circumstances where these bacteria can cause harm if it enters through a wound into unknown tissue. However, biologists have several reasons why they want to learn more about these bacteria. The first is to understand the various bacteria in the body to further know how possible infections can be caused. Second is to know about the native microbes on any one-body part, allowing physicians to know what to test for. Third find out what happens when bacteria is present in locations where they are not normally at. Lastly, to inform people about the important role these bacteria have to help the human bodies immune system, and protection against other microorganisms. This experiment deals with isolating bacteria from the throat, skin and rectum is optional. This bacteria will be grown in different agar plats. Different agar plates are used to grow specific…show more content…
The Snyder test is to see if there is a susceptibility to any cavities. This test uses saliva and the Snyder ager. The saliva contains bacteria that ferment lactose to lactic acid, which can cause color change on the agar due to the pH indicator. As for the Tomato juice isolation test helps to be able to isolate bacteria that are from the normal flora. The use of Subouraud agar is a medium that can help detect fungi and yeast cells that are commonly within humans. The mouth contains low levels of yeast cells but having larger numbers can cause problems in the mouth. This experiment t will also be using saliva to test the microbial diversity in
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