Music Making Across Ages

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Music is a powerful art that surrounds a sense of expressivity that words cannot suffice. Various selections of and amounts of music have the capability to independently control each person in a particular and emotional manner. Music making throughout different chapters of life can be a major catalyst in giving purpose to the life of individuals, such as at risk youth and the elderly with Alzheimer’s and dementia.
At risk students are those who lack basic skills and enthusiasm to continue school, furthermore, neglecting to reach their full potential. They turn to damaging addictions as a resolution for their desolation, eventually commencing into the real world without the abilities and awareness to be satisfactory to the economy (Shuler). This striking statistic of at risk students should not be overlooked.
“An alarming percentage of America's children are limping through life with a similar sense of incompleteness. Unfortunately, because their personal stories have the harsher tone of reality, too many of these young people never find their missing piece and achieve wholeness. A growing number try to fill the gap with drugs and alcohol, turning to substance abuse at younger ages than ever before. Many young people finally despair of finding what they need and end their searches in suicide. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, between one thousand and fifteen hundred teenagers attempt suicide every day.” (Shuler)
An inclusion of music in education helps at risk students to avoid the problems of frustration, alienation, and self-doubt that often place students at risk of failure.
At risk students are fully capable of learning, therefore it is important for students to be provided with the environ...

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