Music Has Therapeutic Value

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Music Has Therapeutic Value Attention Grabber: Stress. Anxiety. Frustration. "All the things in my life are not going as they should be! Time is not on my side. There is no time for the things I have to do every day anymore!" Thoughts, such thoughts with anger go through my mind as I am driving my children to their sports club practices after a day of school. Upon their pick up, they are in their own happy worlds with absolutely no cares or worries to worry them. They do not know of all my business, my struggles as their mother, or my daily battles. As soon as I start the car into motion, my oldest daughter turns on the radio and all of sudden, the car is quiet with no one talking but just listening. The music not being too quick in melody or too slow. My children must have had their own wrestles throughout the day at school because they seemed to have relaxed just as I did when the music began to sound. They seem to have become more content with just sitting back in an automobile and simply enjoying more of their ride home to their practice matches. Music. Pure enjoyment. Soothing. Relaxing. Background: By simply listening to music, it can help reduce stress block out negative emotions in an individual. Music is known for eliminating anxiety, frustration, and depression. With various types of music to choose from, all have different effects on a human being. For energy, sounds with upbeat rhythms have been used before workouts or sports games with athletes. With calming one's self down in mind, individual veer toward listening to lighter beats and tones to accomplish a relaxed mood. Many studies and experiments have been performed throughout the years to prove that music does have beneficial values ... ... middle of paper ... ...ticularly concerned with modeling relations between events across time, while the right brain favors relation between simultaneously occurring events. The left hemisphere specialized in not jus the grammatical transformations of language but also trains of analytical thinking, purpose of physical movements, perception and generation of rhythmic patterns in music. While the right hemisphere is expert of modeling relations, body position, and relations among sounds and the musical chords. Dominance in melody processing goes to the right hemisphere.(Jourdain 281) Possibly more Appeals: Opposing Position: Logical Appeals (And possibly ethical appeals) to Refute: Repetition of Position Statement: Music has therapeutic value, as many researchers have proven. Though the criticism and disagreements from others, music has a definite positive effect overall.

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