Murray City Planning Commission Meeting Summary

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I attended a Public hearing called by the Salt lake City Planning Commission on September 24, 2014. The hearing was titled "Zoning Map Amendment." In my paper I will delineate my observations from the meeting and comment on the different aspects that appeared remarkable to me in terms of the public engagement. I will also make recommendations wherever necessary.

As a successful engagement in meetings depend on the access to information about the meeting, I would start from here. Firstly, as I sought for information regarding a public hearing in the website, I could not find their detail agenda. The City of Holladay was the only Planning Commission website that gave detail hearing agenda with particular time and contents of the discussion topics. Murray City Planning Commission mentioned …show more content…

One has to search for it; I would recommend the staff report to be put in a separate column next to the agenda in the "Planning- 2014 Planning Commission Meetings" table. This would make it much easier for a first time visitor to collect information very easily. They can interest more visitors to their meetings by making their website user friendly and staff report readily accessible. Secondly, I would like to mention about the staff report since it presents important information and background about the project to be discussed in the meeting. The information presented in the staff report was straightforward except for the repeating nature of the language. However, the report exclude opinions that were against the proposal. As I read the staff report before, I was under the impression that there were no disagreement with the project proposal. However, soon after I stepped into the meeting I observed something very different. The opposing voices were dominant enough to provide me a skewed image of my impression about the project. There were many other aspects about the hearing that surprised

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