The Great Lakes Global Freight Gateway Proyect

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Introduction The Great Lakes Global Freight Gateway (GLGFG) Project is an initiative that seeks to transform the Southeastern Michigan and Southwestern Ontario region into a multimodal transshipment hub. This hub will be where goods are moved through the Port of Halifax, loaded on the new Maersk Triple-E container ships, and shipped to worldwide markets. The Port of Halifax is currently the only deep-water port that can accommodate these post-panamax container ships. These Triple-E ships can move up to 18,000 containers and, due to the economies of scale, reduce the shipping cost per container; thereby reducing cost to manufactures (GLFGr4, pg. 4). Detroit is currently the best-situated city for repositioning its main economic engine to transcontinental shipping. The location on an international border and the system of rail lines and roadways in the region, are the assets that make this opportunity possible. That is the broad view of the project, but many people want to know a more narrow scope of the project. They want to know the local impact of the project. This essay will address the local angle by illustrating how the decline of the automobile industry has placed this region in a position for revival as a transshipment hub. Also, this essay will illustrate how economic activity from The Great Lakes Global Freight Gateway Project can regenerate local real estate markets. Development Shipping goods through Detroit to the Port of Halifax provides the opportunity to use vacated industrial centers by repurposing these facilities for transshipment and manufacturing. Detroit as a transshipment hub provides a distribution system for goods to move to worldwide markets. Many manufacturers have failed due to a lack of an adequat... ... middle of paper ... ...rom Sase, J. F. (Producer). (2011). OGM: Legends of Detroit—Old General Motors. [Web Video]. Retrieved from Sase, J. F. (Producer). (2011). TC: Rent+Transportation=Total Cost. [Web Video]. Retrieved from Detroit Office of Foreclosure Prevention and Response, Data Driven Detroit (D3), Community Legal Resources, University of Michigan — Edward Ginsberg Center and Living Cities, eds. Detroit Residential Parcel Survey. Detroit, MI: 2009. (p. 19). Print. Sase, J. F., and Gerard Senick. Another Mortgage Tsunami? “Let Them Eat Cake” (Part Two). 2010. Print. Sase, J. F., and Gerard Senick. "Legal News Expert Witness column." The Great Lakes Freight Gateway: $11 Billion in New Economic Activity and 150,000 New Jobs. November 2011. Print.

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