Multiculturalism In America Essay

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America as a country consists of citizens from different races. The issue of racism has led to rise to many revolutions in a bid to promote equality in the country. Identification of an individual with their race without regarding the sovereignty and unity in the country promotes racism. Individuals from some races view their races as better and look down upon other races. Racism that involves treating some races as superior to the other in terms of their belief should not be used to gauge the identification of an individual. Identification of individuals with their cultural practices is not harmful unless the priority of identification is misused. Misusing such priorities makes some cultures be viewed as superior to the others. America is a country that has a diverse culture and this is seen in large cities such as San Francisco. Most people in US are either descendants of immigrants or immigrants and identification using one’s race is not essential because it makes individuals from other races uncomfortable. Multiculturalism in the US can be comforting to individuals from other countries because it makes it difficult for an individual to easily identify the cultural practices of the Native Americans. Americans should not be identified based on their race because of the barbaric acts associated with racism.

Individuals born in America should not identify by race before the word “American” because of the implication of such mechanism of identification to the society. Identification of an individual based on their race promotes racism, which entails individuals from a particular race viewing their race as better compared to the others. American society believes on the ideal that all men are equal from the day of creation (Visweswa...

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... undermines the unity since some races will be identified with some negative values and others viewed as better.

 Most of the Americans hold to the principle of directness in which individuals are expected to communicate since it is the best way to be heard. Directness is important because it fosters the development in the American society (Connelly, 72). Identification of individuals based on their races does not embrace the principle of directness as they want their grievances addressed based on their races.

 Racism plays a role of identification of individuals depending on their skin color but, this is not a gold standard mechanism of identification because the skin color of an individual does not depict their races. Identification of an individual depending on their race is not necessary for the development of American society because all of us are equal.
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