Multicultural Counseling Case Study

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Ethical issues
Ethical issues are problems that may arise between the counselor and client; especially in multicultural counseling. Ethical issues can range from personal bias to confidentiality Counselors may face ethical issues when working with clients from a different background or culture. According to Miller (2015), “Although it 's not always possible, a family therapist should always try to maintain professional boundaries when dealing with clients. Sometimes, issues regarding a therapist 's personal values and beliefs may present an ethical, albeit subconscious, dilemma, according to Margolin. This can be especially difficult if a therapist has strong ideas about issues that commonly affect families, such as divorce, separation and
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According to Brown (2011) “clinicians need to recognize that violations of cultural competence may have similar negative consequences to more long-standing ethical concerns. In some cases, violations of cultural competence may be viewed by a client as worse than other ethical violations. Therapists who do not place importance on culturally competent practice may stand the risk of offending clients, creating therapeutic impasses, causing premature termination, or being reported to a licensing or ethics board. Thus, multiculturally competent clinical practices, just as other ethical practices, may be in the best interest of both client and clinician” (p. 504). Cultural incompetence can impact the client, ruin the professional relationship and does not benefit anyone. In order to assist both client and counselor, multicultural competence is…show more content…
According to Ahmed (2011), “The presenter indicated that there are several qualities of a multiculturally competent counselor. First, there is credibility, which may be defined as the constellation of characteristics that makes one appear worthy of belief, capable, entitled to confidence, reliable, and trustworthy. Second, there is expertness, which depends on how well-informed, capable or intelligent others perceive the communicator. Finally, there is trustworthiness, which is dependent on the degree to which clients perceive the counselor to make valid assertions. These qualities could help counselors convey to their clients their multicultural social justice competence” (p.20). Those qualities will assist them with building rapport with clients from diverse backgrounds as well as avoiding ethical issues. In order to be a counselor communication skills are also required. These skills can be beneficial in communicating with clients. It will let the client know that the counselor is attentive and receptive to
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