Movie Production: Product Placement In The Film Industry

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Movie production is a highly admired visual entertainment towards people’s lives. It is a form of entertainment for people of all race, gender, and age. Many seek to take part in the luxury qualities of this entertainment including advertisers. These advertisers of many thriving companies such as Nike, Domino’s Pizza, Adidas, Coca Cola, etc. are prominently promoting their products towards the audience through movie productions. Therefore, the term of their action of promoting the goods of their own company is called product placement. Product placement is to help promote a quality brand to a viewer’s appeal that helps not only have the consumer to purchase, but to also increase the marketing of that company. The 2014 spy action film Kingsman:…show more content…
Frantically, the character Eggy acted by Taron Egerton try to cover up the fact that his friends were discussing about his bully actor Morgan Watkins who wears a blue, red, and white Adidas jacket. There were also a pair of Adidas shoebox placed in the corner of Eggy house. This jacket and shoes promotes one of the highly admired sports gear company Adidas who not only uses an actor to promote just the logo, but the colors of the Great Britain Flag. This proposes strongly towards the audience who are not just admiring of the colors, but the designs of clothing brand from Adidas. This goes to audiences ages 9-45 typically both man and women but mostly if they are in some type of athleticism. A product placement that did not fit the audience in the film is the Red Bull found next to the coffee maker on the storage. Actor Taron Egerton bumped into the pack of Red Bulls strangely placed next to a box of electronics such as coffee maker, food processor, and blender still placed firmly in the box. The energy drink is given an unusual focus point in the film. Red Bull only directs to individuals who drinks energy drinks, but since it has a high tendency for health issues many would not notice the brand in the particular part in the

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