Moral Intelligence And Competitiveness Essay

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The correlation of Moral Intelligence and Competitiveness in individuals who grew up in a
Political Setting.

Roshelle Sison Macatugob
Rodel Ocampo

Our society has several pillars, and human morality serves as a foundation for a lot of it. (Elsevier, 2009) It has always been a big aspect of our life, especially in a Filipino community wherein religion plays a big influence in our norm, which inturn affects our day to day decisions and interactions

Morality constitutes the beliefs and values that guide people in their everyday decisions in life. (Francis & Armstrong, 2008 via Beheshtifar, 2011). Being a moral person is not as easy as it seems and is a lifelong process, and this is the same with moral intelligence.

People have an innate
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Michelle Borba, she defined it as the capacity to understand right from wrong, to have strong ethical convictions and to act on them to behave in the right and honorable way. Moral intelligence consists of integrity (harmony between what we believe and how we act), responsibility (taking personal responsibility, admitting mistakes and failures, and embracing responsibility for serving others), forgiveness (letting go of one’s own mistakes and letting go of others’ mistakes) and compassion (caring about others which shows our respect for others). The aim of moral intelligence is to make the interaction between the environment and the individual functional. (Faramarzi,…show more content…
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