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n this reflective journal entry, we are going to look at that the ethical issues that were presented in the Ethics Game simulations, the decision-making steps that were completed to address ethically the issues, and the ethical lenses that I used to make decisions throughout the simulation. We are also going to take a look at how these different ethical lenses influenced my decision and the how I could use the concepts that I have learned in my workplace.
The ethical issues that were presented in the simulation were very different in nature. In the first simulation, the ethical issue was regarding the care of a pregnant minor whose parents did not want pain medications were given or significant medical care to be delivered and the medical staff trying to give the minor the appropriate care for the patient without causing a potential lawsuit against the hospital (EthicsGame Simulation, 2016). The parents believed that the pain was punishment for their daughter getting pregnant at 16 and being unmarried (EthicsGame Simulation,
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My initial response to the issues was only based on the hospital policies regarding the care of the patients within the hospital. However, when I was guided down the different paths and made to look through the different ethical lens, I found it tough to do so and seem to resort to my core values of autonomy and rationality. By putting the patients’ first, hospital policies, and then their loved ones in the first scenario, I determined that a compromise was necessary. Whereas in the second scenario, I feel as no agreement was needed just staff education (EthicsGame Simulation, 2016). In this particular case, Carlotta, the RN shift supervisor, needed further training to understand the hospital policy on who is or is not considered to be family (EthicsGame Simulation,

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