Mid Term Case Study

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Mid term case study Problems Lael Matthews is facing an ethical dilemma issue. She need to decide which of three managers to promote. Each manager has their advantage and disadvantage own, and Lael’s superior has his or her own preference and concern as well. Lael have to make a decision that is moral, and hopefully can satisfy all the parties involved. According to the article, “Thinking Ethically: A Framework for Moral Decision Making”, developed by Manuel Velasquez, Claire Andre, Thomas Shanks, S.J., and Michael J. Meyer, there are five different approaches to values to deal with moral issues, which are: The Utilitarian Approach: the ethical decision should provides the greatest good for the greatest number; The Rights Approach: the decision should respect the moral rights of everyone; The Fairness or Justice Approach: the decision progress should treats everyone the same unless there is a justifiable reason not to, and does not show favoritism or discrimination; The Common-Good Approach: advances the common good because individuals whose own good is inextricably linked to the good of the community; The Virtue Approach: assumes that there are certain ideals toward which we should strive, which provide for the full development of our humanity. This is the framework I am going to use in my paper. Input Lael is going to review the following three manager in the company: Liz, Roy, and Quang Yeh. Below is facts that I think might have a bearing on this problem, show as a table so make us easier to compare their difference, which is good for making utilitarian approach. Liz Roy Quang Yeh Race African American White American Asian Age 34 57 27 Marriage Divorced Married single Children 1 (medical problems) 3 0 Sc... ... middle of paper ... ...er Workers”, by Stephen Bastien, hiring older workers can help company maintain a reliable, dedicated workforce and provide a significant cost savings for both the short and long term. Roy’s unique skills are valuable. Many in the company fell he has earned it and this is important. Operation The operational goal of the choice should satisfy most people in the company, and the action should be moral. Lael should let everyone in the company understand how she made this decision. According to “Create a Culture of Trust”, by Noreen Kelly, communication and transparency is one of the key to create a culture of trust. Following is the specific action steps: Make sure everyone understand what the company is looking for. Promote Roy. Explain to everyone why he earned it. Give Liz a reasonable amount of financial aid to show company’s support for Liz and her family.
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