Unveiling the Power Play: A Dramatic Encounter

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Scene 1

Sydney: This script has everything! Exceptional dialogue! Intricate plotlines! Dynamic characters! It´s sure to be a hit!

Myra: Well that's fantastic dear!

Sydney: The problem is it's not mine! A student of mine sent this to me to read over.

Myra : That's too bad dear, we could really use some off that play money right about now. You could always ask to be a part of his play in some way, if you’re sure it will be a hit.

Sydney: (reluctantly) Sure, sure (Jokingly) or...what if I just killed him for it.

Myra: Don't even joke like that dear, my heart can't take it!

Sydney: Fine, I won't kill him. I´ll invited him over, give him some critics for the play, possibly convince him he needs me to produce it.

Myra: That´s a fine idea sydney
This is Sydney Buhl (pause) yes, yes well thank for sending it to me. I enjoyed your script, but have some notes, (pause) well if you like you can come over and we can discuss it. (pause) How about tonight, no time better than the present. (pause) Scene 2
(knock at the door, Sydney at the desk and Myra at the door letting Clifford in)

Myra: Please come in, Mr. Anderson

Clifford: Please, call me Clifford

Myra: Let me take your coat, dear (takes coat)

Sydney: (moves over to shake Clifford´s hand) Thank you for sending me your script, I really enjoyed it.

Clifford: Thank you. I´m just so honored that you would read my script, Mr. Buhl.

Sydney: not a problem really

Clifford: Well, you must be busy with your own projects, aren’t you

Sydney: Why yes, yes I do. Currently I have a piece on a local psychic, she's been getting a lot of heat lately, one Helga ten Dorp.


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