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Do you want your lives to be successful? If this question is given to everyone, they cannot give a clear definition of what the ‘successful’ means. Everyone dreams that their lives to be successful in today’s society. It is important to take a step by step to achieve one’s goal. Before taking steps to achieve goal, it is necessary to clearly identify what is my goal, how I am going to achieve the goal, and how I am going to live after that. Unfortunately, most people do not know exactly what their goal is. Actually, dreams and goals are the reasons why we live today, and motivating individuals to work hard to achieve it. From the book, Two Badges, Mona is a protagonist in the book. She is one of the people who chasing her dream and look forward to reach her goal as a successful police officer. There were many obstacles before achieving her dream as a police officer such as her childhood background, environments, and people around her. First, Mona’s father wanted her to become a cop when she was young. “I always wanted to be a police officer, m’ija. But someone like me…no, not me, I lack an education. These hands are good only for hard work, yes? But you, someday, you should be a police officer. To show people that Mexicana can do a good job, too. For respect, for honor, for you raza..”(21). Mona’s family moved from Mexico and settled at Santa Ana, CA. City of Santa Ana was dangerous because majority of residents were involved in a gang. Also there were a lot of involvements with police officers. From this circumstance and the situation, Mona’s dad and herself does not want to be involved into this society. Instead, Mona’s dad encouraged her daughter to become a police officer. Also, Mona’s dad identifies a police officer as an a... ... middle of paper ... ...t effort to become a good police officer. Also, this was the only way for her to give a hope and wish to live as a new person. Finally, I believed that Mona’s childhood and her background motivated and encouraged her to become a police officer. She had experienced all those negatives throughout the involvement with gangs. From this situation, sometimes she gave up on her dream, but other circumstances, such as working at a police office department motivated her again to think about her dream. I am proud of Mona because she kept her promises made with dad and police officers who helped out Mona. I am sure that Mona becomes a symbol in the city of Santa Ana, CA, because she is female, and she is the one who actually becomes successful. Lastly, I believed that there will be someone who got motivated and encouraged by Mona to take step by step to achieve one’s goal.

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