Misogynist Quotes In Hamlet

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Same Flesh and Bone Ever since Eve was fashioned from Adam’s rib, men have viewed women as objects that they use and abuse like an extension themselves. This idea exists because over time men have become to see themselves as superior beings. This idea has been reinforced by years of culture and tradition; it can be found in the media, the workplace and has even made its way into literature through the mind of William Shakespeare. In his play Hamlet, he explores themes of sexuality and how men view women. One of the ways he does is through the character, Hamlet, who has the idea that men are superior to women. In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare the main character Hamlet, displays characteristics that proves that he is misogynist. These…show more content…
For instance, Hamlet insults himself by comparing himself to a woman. After Hamlet complaining about how quickly others got over the death of his father, Claudius tries to get Hamlet to join in the merriment of his wedding by advising Hamlet: “Tis sweet and commendable … to give these mourning duties to your father but … tis unmanly grief” (Shakespeare 1.2.87-94). After reflecting on this in one of his many speeches about his flaws, Hamlet proclaims “Fragility, thy name is woman” (1.2.146). Hamlet compares his moment of weakness to women because he thinks all women are weak and by not getting over his father’s death so is he. Not only does Hamlet insult himself a woman but he also insults others in the same manner. An example of this is when he insults Claudius by referring to as “dear mother” (4.3.50). Hamlet does this to compare Claudius to his mother, because he is convinced that Claudius is deceitful much like his mother, who quickly remarried after only two months after her husband’s death. Also, by doing this Hamlet is projecting his insecurities onto someone else so that he feels better about his own doubts of his masculinity. In contrast to his views on women; he thinks all men are strong. Hamlet praises men like Fortinbras for being brave and “made with … large discours [and being] rightly to be great…even for an egg-shell” (4.4.35-52). Hamlet has to associate…show more content…
Hamlet treats Ophelia like property and because he does not care for her. This is proven because he insults Ophelia, uses her to get his revenge on Claudius and uses her as a way to get attention. To begin with, Hamlet abuses Ophelia by accusing her of having impure motives. To him she “jig[s]… amble and …lisp” (3.1.145) to seduce other men. He also accuses her of being deceitful because she changes the “one face [that]…God hath given” to her by putting on cosmetics. Hamlet verbally abuses Ophelia because he believes that she is worthless. Hamlet is not concerned about the effect that these insult have on Ophelia’s psyche. In addition to verbally abusing Ophelia, Hamlet uses Ophelia as a pawn. Hamlet uses Ophelia as a way to get to Claudius by also physically abusing her. Ophelia description of Hamlet’s abuse exhibits Hamlet’s unruly behaviour towards her: “He took me by the wrist and held me hard; then goes he to the length of all his arm” (2.1.88-89). Hamlet physically abuses Ophelia because he knows that Ophelia will report it to her father who in turn will tell Claudius. By doing this, Claudius will think Hamlet is insane and will then lower his guard and will not suspect that Hamlet intents to kill him. Hamlet does not stop to consider what kind mental toll will take on Ophelia, all he cares about is to finishing what his father asked of him. It is apparent
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