Gender Roles in Hamlet

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In Hamlet, gender plays a huge role in the assumed capability of people. Queen Gertrude had to remarry instead of rule the kingdom by herself. If she wouldn’t have gotten remarried, it would have been likely that her kingdom would have been usurped by a chauvinist male ruler; who felt that women couldn’t rule a kingdom.
The only other female in the play is Ophelia, and she isn’t allowed to see Hamlet because her dad said so, but her brother Laertes whined until he got to go to another country! That illustrates how unfair Polonius is to women, and that he feels because she is a girl she is his possession. Since she is his possession, he feels he is owed complete control of her.
However, in all fairness, it is not just Hamlet and Polonius who are narrow-minded about women’s rights; all the men are. Claudius orders the queen around, and without her, he wouldn’t be king. Hamlet basically tells his mom (Queen Gertrude) to shut up and sit down, and Laertes tells Ophelia that he holds the key to her mind.
Since Hamlet is notoriously the worst to the female sex, we will start with the assault on his character. Hamlet said "Frailty, thy name is woman,“ thus Hamlet believes his men are the epitome of stability and strength, right? Not really, but Hamlet's attitude toward women is definitely sexist and biased, and his hate seems to emanate from his revulsion at his mother's marriage to Claudius, which he considers “unfaithfulness” to his dead father. His attitude is totally unjustified.

“Frailty thy name is woman,” is the summary of the feelings towards women for the entire play. Gertrude cannot spare any time to grieve over her late husband; she must find another man to rule the kingdom. That man turns out to be her late husband's bro...

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...r own actions. Some would say that all the men died of their own stupidity and pride.
The power that the men have over the women in the play provides for the comparison between the two genders. The women are portrayed as weak and submissive, so when Hamlet is accused of becoming a “woman,” it greatly offends him. Because revenge and violence drive the play it revolves around the men.
If women were the ones to have power over men, it would change the plot completely. Gertrude wouldn’t have even considered marrying Claudius, Hamlet would not seek revenge, and Ophelia would be the one playing with Hamlet's mind. In all, since this is a fictitious story, Shakespeare is to blame for this horrid portrayal of women. In reality, women weren’t as dependent on men as the play states. They were obedient, but they wouldn’t so insane and drown themselves if their father died.
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