Misconceptions of Teenagers Graduationg from High School

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Misconceptions of Teenagers Graduationg from High School

Some teenagers believe that life should imitate high school. Adolescents think they should never have an inordinate amount of pressure foist upon them, and that deadlines are strictly an outline to go by. If something is done incorrectly the first time they can just keep doing it until it's right. However, when young adults enter 'the real world' they come to the horrific realization that their boss doesn't care how they feel, and if the deadline is missed, there can be severe consequences. High school should aim at preparing young adults for real life, rather than misleading them to believe the world will continue to revolve around them.

One of the major misconceptions unfairly given to our teenagers is that the world owes them. Stepping into life thinking that a cushy lifestyle, 50,000 dollar a year job, and a house will be handed to them strictly because they are "cool" is setting the future of our country up for a huge pitfall. After all, being "cool" in high school afforded them a great deal. This idea keeps our teens from striving to become all they can be on their own. They are then left in their mid-twenties with little to no education, no skills, and extremely unhappy because everything taught to them growing up is now proving to be blatantly wrong. Realizing that being popular doesn't get the same response any more can be devastating. So we now end up with a generation that has spent precious learning years working on popularity, instead of developing skills and gaining knowledge. Our teenagers need to know that they can become, and should strive to be, whatever is in their hearts to be. Then, and only then will we produce an educated society who can earn the lifestyle that they so desire.

Another example of misconceptions given to our teens is that if their lives should happen to get in the way of their education, it's all right; they can just take care of it later. If a paper is due, and is left at home, that's no problem. They are given an extension to bring it in tomorrow. This gives them the idea that when an authority figure states what needs to be done, it can be overlooked with little or no consequences. When put into a real-life situation, we can see the consequences could be great.

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