Military Changes America Essay

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The Military Changes America for the Better.

“Where Soldiers Come from” a film that follows a group of soldiers as they leave for Afghanistan and then return home and details the trails that they faced. This essay will focus on how the military changes Americas for the better. It helps to make a difference in several ways. First the military is helping those in lower economic standings to find long term stable work. Second providing people the means to help change their social economic standings and even providing jobs where there where none before. Finally also provides training relative to school and also financial help to attend school. The military is helping to change Americans for the better improving their lives.

The military pours billions of dollars into recruiting new soldiers to serve for our country. According to …show more content…

Another prong to this that helps the military gain access to students is the “no child left behind act” what this act means is that if a school is receiving any federal funding then the military is given access to the student records so that they can reach out and contact them for recruiting. This is providing the military another avenue to contact students and educate them on the benefits of military service. The military leans focus on the high school population they are at a great age to benefit from the benefits that the military can provide one student said “there was nothing out there” (Ayers, 2006, p.14). He was talking about the availability of jobs in the area that he was living in. Ayers says (2006) “High school kids are at an age when being a member of an identifiable group with a grand mission and shared spirt-is of great importance” (p.15)The military is providing these students with a great place to find that grand mission. We find that there is also a focus on where they are looking for these students. They are

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