Middle Passage

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In the beginning of the 1600's and towards the ending of the 1800's millions of innocent people were grabbed and torn away from their homelands leaving their independence behind. Primarily African men, women, and children were traded, as if they were dirt; being shipped and sold. Once sold, they were mostly forced to do very laborious jobs such as plantation workers and factory workers. The middle passage, also known as the triangular trade route included Europe, Africa, and the Americas. The middle passage contained many goods being traded and sold throughout it such as weapons, food, raw materials, and slaves. The middle passage was a very dreadful time period for Africans.
The first part of the voyage began in Europe which was sending goods to Africa which was not yet made anywhere else. These goods included guns, gunpowder, horses, alcohol, and cloths. In return, Africa then traded their people who were shipped off to the Americas.
However, slaves were held in dungeons on the African west coast waiting days, months, and even years for a ship to come. They had already been forced from their homes away from their family and now they had to wait in these dungeons filled with millions of people who were all treated with harsh surroundings. Many did not even make it to the Americas due to death caused by disease, illness, horrible environments, bad hygiene, and even suicide. The slaves that were forced on the ships had no idea what was going to happen to them and the worst had yet to come.
Secondly, the Africans were then tightly packed on the ship and sent to the Americas. The packing was done as efficiently as they could, leaving the slaves no room to move. The rooms were no more than five feet high with old, scratched up w...

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In conclusion, millions of innocent people were grabbed and torn from their homes losing all their independence. Faced with such harsh conditions millions of them died and even felt the need to commit suicide. Although the slave trade was seen as a huge business opportunity and helped develop the new world, it destroyed many people and families in the process. Overall, the middle passage was an awful time for Africans

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