Slavery: The Middle Passage

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The Middle Passage was a trade that started with the Europeans kidnapping African Americans to sell them in North America, The Caribbean, and South America mostly Brazil. The African Americans were forced to travel chained for months in a slave ships, most slaves were sold, but other slaves preferred death over being enslaved. The Middle Passage was a horrendous act were millions of slaves died, and were sold, but The Middle Passage was necessary for the developing of The United states during slavery time. Over ten million slaves were sold. The Middle Passage was a long voyage that African Americans endured just to get sold into slavery when the voyage was done. According to African Americans in slave ships were fed twice a day, and holes were cut in the deck to allow slaves to breath, but these holes were closed in bad weather such as storms, regardless of the attempts to keep the African Americans Alive and well most of them died of lack of water, food, and air. According to ( slaves were stuffed between decks in spaces too low to stand, the heat was unbearable, and the air almost unbreathable. The women were used sexually, and the men were chained in pairs, slave ships were very crowded for the slaves, and slaves were forced to lie in their backs with their heads in between the legs of others, slaves would have to lie in each others feces,urine, and maybe even blood. In these slave ships diseases would spread very quickly, and sick slaves would of usually been thrown overboard to prevent an epidemic. Upon reaching the end of the voyage the remaining slaves that survived were cleaned, and checked by a doctor to see if they would make a good price at the ports, those slaves that were declared unfit to be so... ... middle of paper ... ... and food others died of disease, and many more committed suicide because the suffering they were going through was too intense. Slavey in America was vey harsh, and there were many types of slavey,however slavery also was beneficial for America, slavery helped America in many ways specially economically, plantation slaves were responsible of making all the product that was traded within the United States, and exported outside the United States, slaves also worked in tobacco farms which made large profits, and in the sugarcane industry which also made large profits, but most importantly slavery helped the nation realize that even though slaves were very beneficial they were not needed because they saw the wrong in slavery, and made laws banning slave trades, and imports of slaves. In conclusion the Middle Passage was essential to the developing of the United States.
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