Middle Ages Influences

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When the current state of society is observed, it can be perceived that there are hidden influences from past cultures that have constructed how many people live their lives. Past cultures have left many inventions and ideas that have either been reimaged or have evolved into items and concepts that are still used today. The era that had a large portion of inventions and ideas that are still used or have influence the culture of today would be the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages have always been perceived as being the dark period, some people may even classified this period as being the Dark ages, in between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance. Sometimes, this period is classified into the Early, High, and Late Middle…show more content…
The biggest influence is from the invention of the mechanical clock. Everything that is done today is based on the time on a clock. Whether it be school or work, there is a certain time people must be there and when they leave. It could be assumed that the clock dictates daily life now, but this would of never have happened if they were never created. The next influence is the educational system that there is today. During the Middle Ages, the seven liberal arts were taught in universities. In the article “The History of Education”, written by Robert Guisepi, it was stated that there were two main groups of how the arts were taught and that the preparatory trivium (grammar, rhetoric, and logic) were taught first then the quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy) were taught second (Guisepi). This has a direct influence on the educational system today because the beginning grade schoolers are taught how to read and write before then learn subjects such as math, history, and music. There is still the same structure on how subjects are taught, the preparatory is taught before the quadrivium. Before the students today learn how to do math and begin to learn history, they have to show that they have mastered how to write and read basic sentences. There are still other influences that the Middle Ages have on today, but these two are the two major
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