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Middle Ages Could you work all day with little or no rewards ? The middle ages lasted around 476 CE to the 14th century (OI). In the Middle ages serfs had to work for the lord and they were bound to the land (Doc. 2). The church was very large in Medieval Europe and had a huge political role ( Doc. 3). The Middle ages were a dangerous place, with Muslims and Mongols are invading everywhere ( Doc. 5). During the Middle ages Feudalism was a political, economic, and social system that defined the lives of the Europeans. “There were lots of things going on in politics in the Middle Ages. For example, there were an invasion of Muslims, Mongols, and other tribal groups were common (Doc. 5).” “Therefore, the value of protection and warriors created a social code called Chivalry (Doc. 5).”Also the “Feudalism was a political, economic, and social system in which nobles were granted the use of land that legally belonged to the king” (Doc. 1) "Social" life in the Middle Ages was the only kind of life people knew. Whether nobility, craftsperson or peasant your life was defined by your family, your community and those around you (OI). “The Church protected the Kings and Queens (OI).” “The King is above Nobles, Nobles above Knights, and the Knights are above serfs (Doc.1).” “ Nobles provides money and knights. Knights provide protection and military service (Doc. 1).” Social network, your village and your local nobility, was your family (OI).” “From the moment of its baptism a few days after birth, a child entered into a life of service to God and God’s Church (Doc.3).” “Every Person was required to live by the Church’s laws and to pay heavy taxes to support the Church (Doc.3).” “In return for this, they were shown the way to everlasting life and happiness after lives that were often short and hard (Doc. 3).” In conclusion, this is what it was like in the Middle Ages from a social

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