Technology In The Medieval Period

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A set point in the historical timeline stands as the medieval period. The medieval period in history was the era in European history from around the 5th to the 15th century, coming after the fall of the Roman Empire and preceding the start of the early modern era. The medieval era was characterized by immense religious influence, new government systems, and a social class gap. New technology, as well as newfound knowledge, led to the end of the medieval period to start the modern era. The biggest characteristic of a medieval society is the large role religion played. Throughout the course of medieval times religion has guided society in every aspect of life, “Christianity has fundamentally influenced every aspect of Western civilization,…show more content…
The wars and plagues happening across Europe paved the way for an increase in advanced technology, which assisted society’s progression and move on from medieval times. The Hundred Years War brought modern warfare that had a lasting impact on society and altered the way war was fought. It moved in the direction of being less barbaric and more strategic, “…fought back with some very simple and inexpensive yet highly effective new weapons: the longbow, the crossbow, and the stockade”(527). There were also advances in ships in order for them to be increasingly sustainable, “… began to develop a new type of vessel properly designed to operate in rough, open water: the caravel” (575). The last bit of modern technology that accompanied the transition from the medieval era to the modern era was a new way to navigate through the newly made magnetic compass. Along with the compass came a new set of manners for being out on the sea, “ A maritime code know as the Consulate of the Sea, which originated in the Catalan regions of the Crown of Aragon in the fourteenth century, won acceptance by a majority of sea-goers as a normative code for maritime conduct…” (576). The rise of new technology at the end of the medieval era wasn’t the biggest reason for the downfall of the middle ages being that it only contributed to a newly structured society. This would have an impact on the feudal system now that it would contribute to the creation of a middle class and cause societal roles less defined. The decline of the feudal system was caused by the Hundred Years War in conjunction with the earlier Crusades and as a result, these advances had no need for feudal ways anymore. Feudal soldiers were not needed anymore due to the new weaponry and specified explorers would be eliminated for the reason that more lay-people could assist with navigation due to the simplicity of the
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