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Metaphysics is the philosophical study whose object is to determine the real

nature of things to determine the meaning, structure and principles of whatever is insofar

as it is. ( So if the sole purpose of metaphysics is to determine the true

meaning of things but everything isn't absolute what is the purpose of metaphysics?

The nature of the world can be a ever changing thing. Depending on the

generation, part of the world or even when you were born into your family (ex. first,

middle or baby child) your views can change. The view that I have is that the world is not

only chaos but in total chaos.

The definition of chaos from Websters Dictionary, is a state of things in which

chance is supreme; especially: the confused unorganized state of primordial matter

before the creation of distinct forms.

It does seem that are world is almost always in a state of confusion and even more

so in today's society. When people can't agree on things and it drives them to a point of

fighting over what that is important to them instead of making a compromise and

meeting in the middle. And with throughout the history of the world there has always

been confusion between societies, religious groups and governments of different

countries and like through history their is no difference because there is conflict going on


The world seems like it is controls by religious views. For example the middle

east is mostly Mus...
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