Mental Illness And Mental Health

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In the United States, most people might think that everyone is equally healthy either mentally or physically, however, this is not true. In fact, “people in the U.S. public mental health system who have a serious mental illness are dying 25 years earlier than the general population. Those who have a dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse, on average, die nearly 32 years earlier than their fellow citizens outside of the public mental health system” (Miller 1). This means that citizens with mental disorders are not capable of living life to the fullest due to severe mental issues, and we should monitor them to minimize patients with mental illness. Now that the commotion has settled, what is mental illness? The term mental illness can be referred as a mental disruption which affects a person’s actions, mood, and alters the way of thinking. In addition to this, mental illness may occur instantly or over time, but certain mental disorders are impossible to recover. There are many factors that help the cause of mental health, such as “the genes that a person has inherited, the person’s life experiences, brain injuries, illegal drugs, and critical medical conditions” (“Mental Disorder”). Each cause can have several effects that depend on the type of disorder. Mental disorders can be categorized from childhood to adulthood and personality. Moreover, they are plenty of disorders; like anxiety disorder, drug abuse, bipolar disorder, eating disorder, depression, and schizophrenia. Although there can be more contributors, the possible cause for mental disorder are inhered, psychological and environmental factors. So where does mental disorders come from? Mental disorders can begin way before an individual is in the womb. Durin... ... middle of paper ... ...s; he can prevent the scandalous outcome. If so, the teen should request assistance for mental therapy. Generally speaking, always listen to someone who is seeking for help to prevent any greater issues if mental illness is involved. Even though mental disorders can cause multiple effects, people should be in the lookout for those who are begging for help. Society has categorized mental illness as a weakness, but they should remember that it is difficult to get rid of any type of illness. Mental disorders should not be messed around with nor make fun of, with this in mind “negative attitudes about mental illness often underline stigma, which can cause affected persons to deny symptoms; delay treatment; be excluded from employment, housing, or relationships; and interfere with recovery” (Manderscheid 1). Since someone can have the ill person’s life in their hands.

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