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Mental illness can be described as a behavioral or mental pattern that may cause suffering or a poor ability to function in life. Social stigma plays a vital role in this disease as it can make mental health problems worse, as well as making it harder for the individual to recover; resulting in a person not seeking the help that they need. There are many structural levels of mental health such as the labelling, discrimination, emotional and stereotypical aspects of a person's mental illness condition. Modern day anti-stigma studies have shown that biogenetic and psychosocial methods have aided in the ultimate goal of properly treating mental illnesses. Mental illness has been associated with biogenetic methods/treatments as a means of finding…show more content…
However, in saying this, there is still much research and work to be done to completely understand the degree and range of the inequality against those with mental illness. As luck would have it, social psychologists have been studying situations related to stigma and how increasing public perceptions of mental illness of those with the illness view themselves and how the public view them. This Mixed-Blessings study explains the correlation between how mental disorders have welcomed an alternative strategy to reduce blame and stigma; this research yielding a quantitative analysis on the relationships between biogenetic explanations for mental disorders as well as they key elements…show more content…
Millions of individuals will be affected by poor mental health, although anyone can experience these problems, there are people from certain backgrounds and social situations who put themselves at greater risk; there are many more factors than can influence or worsen the disorder. There are current theoretical models that analyse mental health stigma as a complex theme that involves many features, such as; social environment/backgrounds, stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, behavioural problems and discrimination (Świtaj et al., 2014). There are many authors of different articles that agree that stigmatisation cannot be understood to it full extent without considering the perspective of people with mental illnesses, who ultimately play an important

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