Memorable Journey

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Not every journey of one’s life can be a memorable one. When I think about memorable journey, I think about my journey when I was processing my paperwork for an immigrant visa. Processing my paperwork for a visa totally challenged my patience. Every single day I had to follow up every single piece of paperwork that I sent to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). There were times that I really thought of giving up, but I was also thinking about my dreams of coming to America and being together with my husband. First, processing the paperwork took a lot of my time right from the start and did not end even when I got here in America. I had to filled out and sign every single paper that I needed for my immigrant …show more content…

I woke up early, because I had to be in the embassy by six in the morning. I had left my apartment around five in the morning. I took a cab, and I got in embassy fifteen minutes earlier. I had to fall in line, because the embassy personnel had to check my appointment, passport, and to see if my interview requirements were complete. I stopped at the security area, and security guard made sure that I had followed the embassy rules. When I got inside the embassy, I had to get a number. I had waited ten minutes and I saw my number flash on the monitor. One consul took my biometrics and asked me some few questions, and told me to take a seat. After twenty-five minutes my number flashed again, another consul asked again a few questions, and made sure my information was correct. The consul told me again to take a seat, and wait for my number to flash again. I was just waiting for only a few minutes, and my number was flashed. I went to the cubicle where my major interview was given. The American consul asked me a few questions, and I answered it honestly. In addition, I had to wait again. After a few minutes of waiting, I saw my number flash next to the cubicle, where my interviewer was. I was very nervous, because that was the time that I would know if I had a chance to get the visa. Embassy personnel asked my complete name, and told me to wait for a few days for my visa. After I heard those words from the personnel, I felt an ease and deep inside I was dancing for joy. When I got home, I was just very excited, and I check my visa status online. The next day I checked again, and it was approved. I waited a few days, then I got my passport with visa on it. I was shouting, “I am coming America! I will see you very

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