Melting Pot

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The stories “Melting Pot” and “Seventh Grade” include two different types of conflicts. The short story “Melting pot” has a conflict that occurs outside the character’s mind. Therefore, “Melting Pot” has an external conflict. Meanwhile, the short story “Seventh Grade” has a conflict that occurs within the character’s mind. Therefore, “Seventh Grade” has an internal conflict. Both of these conflicts could have a winner, but do they? In the short story “Melting Pot” the conflict occurs between the families with diverse cultures. Meanwhile, Anna Quindlen was part of an immigrated family; she instantly observed that the people around her were very opinionated about the new families. Because she wanted to be closer friends with her neighbors, …show more content…

When Victor’s French teacher asked the students to raise their hands if they knew how to speak French, consequently, Victor raised his hand while trying to impress Teresa. Although, Victor had no idea how to speak French, he had convinced himself it was the only way he could gain Teresa’s approval. Notwithstanding his sudden urge to impress Teresa, he began to recite “French”; and his teacher immediately figured out he was trying to impress a girl. Because this situation seemed familiar to a distant experience of his, Mr. Bueller didn’t make an assertion; which makes Teresa think he really knows how to be fluent in French. Because Teresa believes Victor can sincerely voice French, she asks him to tutor her in French. There isn’t a winner of this conflict because even though Victor’s propaganda worked out he still must figure out how to recite French rapidly which could cause another conflict. The stories “Melting Pot” and “Seventh Grade” have both an Internal and an external conflict. The short story “Melting Pot” has an external conflict between families inside and outside of their neighborhood. The conflict in “Melting Pot” only has a winner when the families are going through rough times. The short story “Seventh Grade” has an internal conflict between Victor and his mind. Because other conflicts could develop of victor’s misrepresentations, “Seventh

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