Is America A Melting Pot Analysis

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Since the very founding of The United States of America, a constant and always present issue for the policy makers, and the general public has been quite simply one thing… what to do with all of the foreigners and new people swarming into America from other nations. The policy over what to do with immigrants has been a rather heated debate over the ages, with several varying opinions on what to do with those who come here legally and illegally. This article will touch on just how impactful on our countries future immigration policies can be, as well as many of the positive sides and downsides of America being a “Melting Pot”, and what changes could be made to better the current policy on immigration in America. Immigration is a very controversial …show more content…

Perhaps the largest issue with immigration would be the stigma which is commonly attached to it. That stigma is illegal immigration, the breaking of a countries regulations on crossing its borders and remaining within it especially. This issue has raised several concerns over many public issues. Many public interests have been raised over how it affects the country, and states. In particular, George Edward III, Martin Wattenberg, Robert Lineberry write that citizens of Texas and California have voiced public concerns of whether or not illegal immigrants are draining on the states resources, using programs which are made for the public and causing more issues for those who are actually paying taxes for these said programs… programs such as public schooling and welfare. They also write, that the problem with simply refusing these accommodations to these people would be that many of the children in school could quite possibly live a life of crime without being able to acquire for themselves a good education, and that diseases would be more rampant as well as various health issues due to the lack of medical care for those who had no access to it..(182) These questions lead to many issues which put policy makers between a rock and a hard place… especially since simply removing them is not something which is possible, with every attempt to “purge” the aliens from our country being deemed unconstitutional, and therefore unable to be acted upon(George C. Edward III, Martin P. Wattenberg, Robert L. Lineberry 182). These create many social issues, as well as economic issues within our country as jobs may be taken by illegals and they are able to drain on our countries reserves without

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that immigration policy has been a heated debate since the founding of the united states of america. this article will touch on how impactful future immigration policies can be, and what changes could be made to improve the current policy.
  • Explains that immigration is a controversial subject, with many people voicing their opinions without fully understanding it. america is one of the countries which embraced immigration to the fullest, taking on all the bads and goods.
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