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The career path that I want to pursue is in the medical field. I major in psychology and minor in biology because going to medical school has always been my desire. Being a pediatrician is my goal I wish to conquer. I am beyond interested and passionate about this career. It is not just a career, it is my life dreams. I want to be able to enjoy going to work every day knowing I love my job and I am here because I want to. Being a pediatrician I am able to work with children and many people of different cultures. I am thrilled to know that I will be capable of caring for sick children. As I plan out my career, I look forward to gaining my Ph.D. There are two paths that should be considered M.D Medical Doctor or D.O Doctor of Osteopathic …show more content…

You have to have an overall understanding of science and chemistry as well as math. This profession is for outgoing, friendly, loving, caring people who want to make a difference in someone’s life. Education is one of the most important factors in this field. Science is evolving everyday day and it is important to keep up with research. Not only being able to gain knowledge from the years of education but being able to diagnosis patients and giving them the proper treatment. It is important to have good communication skills when having to work with sick children and worried parents. To be able to ask questions by listening to the child and the parent and helping to understand the situation in order to get the child healthy. Diverse is the key to preparation. You will come in contact with many different …show more content…

Complete a four-year pre-medical courses as an undergrad. It is a requirement for some grad programs that you take a MCAT test. A requirement of 90 credits for some colleges with a B.S or B.A degree. It is outrageously competitive to get into medical school. A GPA of 3.6 is what is considered for applying into medical school. There are many qualifications for class selection that go into being chosen. Applicants are selected on a countable amount of things such as scholarships, characteristics, personality, references, MCAT scores, and personal interview. It is important to gain some experience in volunteer work, paid health care experience and extracurricular activities. Taking a leadership role during college shows that you are organized, confident, responsible, and reliable. Getting a letter of recommendation to show your outstanding performances will also be a great

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