Importance Of Becoming A Physician Assistant

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I have always wanted to work in the medical field since I was a child. Around four, I told my pediatrician during a well- check visit that I wanted to grow up and be just like her. My love of infants and children strongly influenced my career choice because I want to have the ability to help sick children who do not have the ability to help themselves. I have considered many options to enter the healthcare field from nurse, to doctor, and finally came to the conclusion that what I truly wanted out of my future resided in a career as a Physician Assistant. Becoming a PA is not something that I have considered lightly. I did not decide I wanted to become a PA for the convenience factors of tuition, family, or the amount of schooling. I decided…show more content…
I like that PAs are trained under a medical model as opposed to a nursing model, but they are still under the supervision of a physician. I have seen the trust between a physician and a PA in many settings. From pediatrics to the emergency room, the trust is the same. The physician trusts the PA to make medical decisions that are best for their patient, but the PA knows she can go to the supervising physician without question when she feels the need to. The bond of trust between the two providers is the reason Physician Assistants can perform their duties in the healthcare field. The ability to conduct physical exams and decide on treatment plans to aide in the improvement of patient’s lives is the main reason I have chosen to go into the medical field. I want to help patients live better lives. The ability to locate a problem and come of up with a solution is the driven component of my choice. Puzzles and problem solving have always been an interest, so to be able to perform these tasks on a daily basis would make for an enjoyable job in which I would not dread to come to work every…show more content…
The flexibility of Physician’s Assistants is very appealing. The ability to be able to change practices if situations arose in which I needed different hours, needed to move, or simply wanted a change from the patients and conditions being seen is another factor in the decision to apply to PA school. Growing up, my step father worked in construction, and would be gone for several periods at a time. I watched as my mother was lonely during that time because she did not have a job in which she could move with my step father. Sometimes that period was years at time with visits only on the weekends or every three weeks. My mother worked in a job in which she had to remain where she was because there were not many openings for her profession around the country. Should I ever find myself in that position where my spouse, or other important members of my family had to move, the ability to be able to move with them and still find a job to bring in income is very important. Medical mission trips have always been of interest, and as a provider with the help of a team, accomplishing at least one trip to a place that is in desperate need of healthcare is a huge goal I hope to accomplish. Being able to provide care for those who cannot afford it is something I hope to do more than once in my
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