Media: Societies Adddiction

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Modern society is a slave to the media. Everyone, everywhere is influenced by the media in both positive and negative ways. The media touches every aspect of a persons life, from their clothes to their hair color. Society is told what they should spend their money on, what products will make them popular, and even what car they should be driving. Every Super Bowl, a record amount of viewer, which trump over 100 million, watch thirty second commercials with as much focus as the game itself. These advertisements which cost roughly four million dollars vary from beer and car commercials, to soda and music promotions. But the media is not only about commercials and promotions. The media helps deliver news around the world allowing people to gain a better perspective of what is going on around them. The media also brings society closer together through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Clearly, the media has a huge impact on society. The role of media in today’s society is to influence society to buy certain products, deliver world wide and local news to the people, and unite the world through social media.
Every form of media persuades society to buy certain products. Although many people would argue that this influence is harmful to humanity, it is a role that media plays in society none the less. As of 2012, “94% of all businesses with a marketing department used social media as part of their marketing platform” (Role of Social Media). Companies are adapting to social media and they use Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus as a way to advertise (Role of Social Media). Then there is the Super Bowl, the most watched television event of the year. Advertisers spend, “approximately $4 million” for a thirty sec...

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...and will continue to influence society in years to come.

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