Media Conventions And Techniques

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Media Analysis List several skills you have in media analysis: Some of my skills in media include: identifying different media conventions such as colour and fonts, identifying the purpose and the main message of a piece of media and identifying the purpose of a media. List what ideas do you struggle with when it comes to media analysis? Some ideas that I struggle with include: I am not able to identify some types of persuasive techniques such as weasel words and plain folks. Also, I need to work on making my media more persuasive using impactful types of media conventions and persuasive techniques. Lastly, it is difficult sometimes to incorporate some media conventions and techniques in a media product. Describe the process of selecting an appropriate piece of media for your text. Did it work well? …show more content…

To create this add, I first chose the videos and images that I feel will clearly get the message across about the book. I wanted the audience to be able to look at the add and they would get a glimpse of what the text may be about. Next, I chose a symbol that could convey the messages and views of the author of the text across. After gathering the information, I choose the layout and sequences for my text, images and videos and put it all together. I think that the advertisement worked well, because it was able to get the main message across, while also catching the attention of the audience. To improve for next time, I will make sure there is enough time for the viewers to be able to read the quotes and reduce some noise background in the view to make it more crisp, that way it may be able to catch the attention of the audience with a greater

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