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Introduction Multimedia technology has created a major impact in the instruction-learning process by developing new concepts and by innovative teaching techniques. Multimedia also plays an increasing role in influencing young people’s nutrition and physical activity choices. Malaysia (2010) states “it seeks to create a generation of learners whose learning is defined as "the ability to retain, synthesize, and apply conceptually complex information in meaningful ways." Therefore, the purpose of this lesson is to investigate students’ understanding of developing a multimedia project within a constructivist-based learning environment. The multimedia project will help students to develop and acquire skills that meet the demand of future professions in collaborative and teamwork skills, critical thinking and understanding of a topic area, as well as seeing the real-world relevance of the work (Malaysia, 2010). Instruction A promotional poster lesson will seeks to empower fourth grade students to make healthful choices about nutrition and physical activity by helping them understand how media can influence their lives. The promotional poster will be unique among curricula for fourth grade students in that it includes instruction in four key areas: nutrition, physical activity, multimedia awareness, and media production. The curriculum will integrate these areas and will encourage participants to learn by engaging in fun activities that enable them to become media knowledgeable. The focus of the promotional poster will be how to use Guiding Questions to help students critique an advertising poster. The lesson will begin with a whole-class guided/modelled lesson. Then students will analysis other posters in small groups and come b... ... middle of paper ... ...s of the various print materials using a large-scale graphic organizer (Media, 2006). Diverse Learners ELL and/or IEP students will be paired up with high-ability students when working in smaller groups, forming heterogeneous groupings. Teacher will also obtain posters in the native language of any English Language Learners (ELL) and use these posters during a guided lesson with these students. References 1. Neo, Mai; Neo, Tse-Kian. 2010. Students' Perceptions in Developing a Multimedia Project within a Constructivist Learning Environment: A Malaysian Experience, Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, volume 9 Issue 1. Retrieved from http://files.eric.ed.gov./filetext/EJ875781.pdf. 2. Media Literacy, 2006, Lesson Plan for Media Literacy, Online Teaching Resource, Retrieved from http://www.eworkshop.on.ca/edu/pdf/Mod32_Less_Plan.Desc.pdf

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