Mcdonald's Happy Meal Essay

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Marketers are often accused of marketing to children to gain higher profits. Young children are targeted because they usually do not know right from wrong. Many people have criticized McDonald’s for advertising the Happy Meal towards young children for higher profits. Some people consider it unethical because the Happy Meal is so unhealthy. However, McDonald’s has taken many initiatives to show that it is a corporation that does not manipulate children for profit and that they care for children. The Ronald McDonald House Charities organization was created by McDonalds in 1974 to help children in need. The organization believes that helping one child will go a long way, and they express their commitment in their vision statement, “We believe when you change a child’s life, you change a family’s, which can change a community and, ultimately, the world” (Ronald McDonald House Charity). McDonald’s also provides donations for many other children’s charities and has taken steps to improve the Happy Meals by providing healthier options. McDonalds works hard towards making children all ove...

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