Consumer rights

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Caveat Emptor
 Let the buyer beware
 Consumer should be responsible about what he wants to buy, prices and quality
 Upto the consumer to chose wisely

Consumer Protection
 Sometimes impossible to know whether the product is will work properly or not
 At point of sale consumer are protected by law concerning some aspects of their purchases despite principal of caveat emptor

Consumer Rights
 United Nations Guidelines on Consumer Rights- 8 basic consumer rights that as consumers we are entitled to
 Rights are
- products/services should not hidden safety hazards in natural use
- Fair Trading Act NSW has safety standards for particular types of products
- Unsafe products can be banned ( product faulty and can not be sold again) or recalled (all stock taken back repaired and then put on the shelves)
- information provided to customers must be accurate – consumer must be able to make an informed choice
- labeling/advertising must not be misleading
- Information required by law:
- Prices
- Capability of the product
- Content and weight of packages
- Care and size labeling on clothing
- Country of origin of product
- Safety instructions of use of the use of dangerous products
- Fiber content of soft goods like soft toys
- Date stamping
- Additive labeling of foods and drinks i.e. colouring
- chose from a section of products
- but or refuse to buy goods o services
- to chose the seller they want to but from
- to be free from unreasonable pressure to buy
- if small shop is difficult to be heard because no superiors
- if large company you can:
- talk to manger
- make bad publicity
- if concerning the law talk to Department of Fair Trading
- If government co operation then talk to OMBUD (representative from the government)
- Australian Consumers Association – group of consumers
- access to basic essential goods and services
- adequate food clothing shelter health care education and sanitation
- Receive a fair settlement of just claims including compensation for misrepresentation, shoddy goods or unsatisfactory services
- Can ask for refund, replacement, repair
- Faulty goods
- Goods that are not fit for the purpose
- Foods that are different to the example or description given
- Services not carried out with due care or skill
- inform themselves on specifications, requirements, capabilities of product or service - part of consumer’s responsibility
- understand any terms condition contracts legal documents they sign
- Before consumer buys should
- Think
- Is product necessary (avoid impulse buying)