Maylasia's National Archives is Our Nation's Heritage Treasures

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.Audiovisual archives is part of our national heritage treasures. It is kept at the National Archives and can be referred by the researchers and publics. It also acts as historical sources and national cultural to the nations. It symbolizes national art achievement creativity and reflection roles as audiovisual media development in Malaysia (Dasar Koleksi Bahan Audiovisual Negara, Arkib Negara Malaysia, 2010). The National Archive of Malaysia through Pusat Pendokumentasian dan Pemeliharaan Audiovisual Negara (PPAV) was formerly established in 2008 with the approval from Malaysia government on 14th July 1999. PPAV currently been supervised under the Section of audiovisual archives which consists of 18 officers and support staffs. This section are divided into four sub-units which consist of Films, Audio, video and multimedia, Photograph and Support Services. The main function of this section is to enhance the ability of tracking, retrieval and documentation audiovisual archives that have been received by any sources such government agencies, private, NGO’s, individual and others either local or international


Our society nowadays have less exposed with the existence of information sources besides in paper format. Information in audio visual is able to influence organization or individual in decision-making, as sources of information or references. National Archives of Malaysia (NAM) acted as agency catalyst in maintaining and conserve all audiovisuals material form national heritage. A systematic and well organized audiovisual archives management can expand interest of the society and encourage various researches in using audiovisual materials. Being in audio visual format, it can give more impact that ca...

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...big amount of collection. This is important in order to avoid any destruction or deterioration in the early stage of audiovisual archives. Every storage room must be equipped with suitable equipment, appropriate storage container and provide security enforcement to all repository storage.

3. NAM is a main body in enhancing the awareness of audiovisual records and archives to the public in order to strengthen the management of audiovisual archives. NAM should give the exposure to the government agencies and public of their responsibilities in managing audiovisual archives to the national heritage. To improve archival work is a shared responsibility among the entire community. It should be supported by mass media and social networks since it is the concerned of the society in order to raise awareness to people especially with the interest on national heritage.

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