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Analysis of Documentary: Supersize Me The McDonald’s Corporation, the largest fast food chain in the world, was once known as a carefree place for people to consume a cheap and convenient meal. However, in the last decade, the restaurant has transformed into the main representation of global obesity. In 2004, an expository documentary was released that gave audiences a chance to view the effects of consuming an excessive amount of fast food from McDonald’s. This film, Supersize Me, effectively delivers significant amounts of ‘infotainment’ through commentary and interviews in order to entertain its viewers. Although it is argued that the film is an exaggeration of the traditional American lifestyle, it has caused huge debate within the public sphere and changed the fast food industry forever. The main point of my essay is to argue how even though this documentary is a construction of reality, viewers still respond to it on the faith that it strives to be accurate in the representation of reality. It is important for the public to gain a deeper understanding as to why Supersize Me was so successful at converting individuals to change their lifestyles and eliminate fast food from their diets. Since documentaries offer a visual understanding, the public is able to feel more connected to the issue being presented because they are able to witness first hand what Morgan Spurlock had to endure in order to raise awareness and ignite public debate on the effects of fast food and obesity. It has been stated that a documentary film brings a “fresh eye to the events of the world and told stories that broaden and awaken new possibilities” (Nichols, 2001). However, in an era consumed with technological advancements, demands on the produc... ... middle of paper ... ...people across the globe regarding fast food and McDonald’s. By portraying the concern of the global obesity epidemic through an individualistic approach, audiences all over the world were able to directly witness the effects of fast food. Even though the film was an exaggeration of reality, Supersize Me ignited much public debate within the public sphere, causing individuals to adopt new lifestyles for fear of weight gain and health risks. By presenting the issue in a documentary and allowing viewers to watch the duration of the month, the film was able to instill a fear in the minds of many and influence individuals to eliminate fast food from their diets. The power of Supersize Me reflects the constant debate of the global obesity epidemic within the public sphere and continues to influence individuals around the world to think twice about eating fast food.

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