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  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction in Government Agencies

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    Being in the government sector the research for customer satisfaction was focused on governmental agencies and the aspects associated with those agencies. Most citizens have a preconceived idea about government agencies and I wanted to see if those preconceived ideas were based on real experiences. This was done by researching and finding results either supporting or contradicting this notion. According to Tom Schoop the government does as well as any big company as far as customer satisfaction.

  • Relationship Between Police and Other Government Agencies in Australia

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    and their dog, relationships between different parts of the government or just a relationship that doesn’t involve a person at all and so on. There are all different types of relationships in the world, not just the relationship between a person, their family and significant other. There are all different types of relationships but the one that I’m going to be talking about is The Relationship between Police and Other Government Agencies: Recent Changes in Perspective in Queensland. While the past

  • Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Trafficking

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    paper will discuss the process of acquiring export licenses, quantify the scope of SALW has on the U.S., identify key agencies, and provide suggestions on how to address this dangerous and costly problem. Collection of serial numbers at the time of export is not mandated, and if they are collected (such as with the ATF Form-9), they may be withheld from criminal justice agencies since this data is seen as tax related. To have items exported, a SALW manufacturer must obtain a license from the Department

  • The Pros and Cons of Contracting Out In The Public Sector

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    In The Public Sector Introduction Many public agencies in recent years have followed the trend of privatization, or contracting-out. Activities and functions that were once performed, or services that were once provided, by public employees are now being performed by private sector employees (Lyons). Vehicle towing, health services, police protection, and solid waste collection are among the many services and functions that government has contracted out. A survey in 1995 that was sent to

  • The Legislative And Executive Functions Of The Judicial Process

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    process or functions also involve the use of administrative agencies, which were created to help the government in enacting the law in a simpler and more direct way than the legislature. Given the nature of their functions, administrative agencies do not necessarily adhere to the civil procedure established for courts and employ less formal means of pursuing their actions. However, there are various concepts and processes of administrative agency judicial functions in relation to different components

  • Losing Control: Comparing Governmental Authority between North by Northwest and the French Connection

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    end of the second world war, which had occurred during the first golden era, the average American viewed government as a dependable and trustworthy institution to an authority. By the time Francis Ford Coppola won his sixth Academy Award, that perception of government had transformed into one of a regime that was incapable and dishonest. Compounding the sense of disillusionment with the government was a sense of its failure to guarantee a good life for its people. A darker reality had set in for America

  • Fire-Starter

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    powerful, that her parents can’t even try to control it. Charlie’s main weakness is trusting too many people. She trusts to many strangers, which could lead to danger. Her basic problem is trying not to get caught by “the shop” (a secret government agency that wants to investigate her power). They have been after her since she was born. Since both of her parents had telekinesis, she was born with a different set of DNA, which gave her the power of pyrokinesis. I really like Charlie. I like

  • envisioning

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    countries globally and the top 5 in Asia in the UN e-Government assessment survey. Brunei uses UN e-Government survey as a benchmark to measure its e-government development. Today, it is with great pleasure to announce that Brunei aspiration in achieving this goal is now a reality. UN e-government survey is conducted by the Division for Public Administration and Development Management. The survey report is released every 2 years to compare the e-government progress made by 193 member states of the United

  • Rulemaking by Cornelius Kerwin

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    According to Cornelius Kerwin, "Rulemaking is the single most important function performed by agencies of government…Rulemaking refines, and in some instances defines, the mission of every government agency. In so doing it provides direction and content from budgeting, program implementation, procurement, personnel management, dispute resolution, and other important government activities" (Preface XI). This is the foundation for the book, Rulemaking. The whole text primarily revolves around this

  • Maylasia's National Archives is Our Nation's Heritage Treasures

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    approval from Malaysia government on 14th July 1999. PPAV currently been supervised under the Section of audiovisual archives which consists of 18 officers and support staffs. This section are divided into four sub-units which consist of Films, Audio, video and multimedia, Photograph and Support Services. The main function of this section is to enhance the ability of tracking, retrieval and documentation audiovisual archives that have been received by any sources such government agencies, private, NGO’s

  • Democratic Morality and the Administrative Law

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    author point is that bureaucrats who deal with policies should look to the Supreme Court for guidance on the constitution. It is important to understand the constitution and be able to explain why the attack on separation of powers in Congressional Government calls for changes in amendments to the constitution of the United States. The democratic morality policies as it relates to the law are constructed around the perspective of democratic responsiveness, public opinion, citizens, religious, and partisanship

  • Research Persuasive Essay

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    want for this part of the process. OPENING YOUR ESSAY I. THE BEGINNING A. ATTENTION GETTER/DISCUSS SUBJECT Have you ever tried to call your friend from a long distance location? Or, sent a personal email to your loved one? Now, imagine a government agency, reading your private emails and listening to every word spoken into your phone. Would you be concerned about your rights of privacy? B. THESIS STATEMENT (with a qualification) With the recent technologies, such as the 'Google Glass' and high-tech

  • Pros And Cons Of Private Prisons

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    Private prisons are for-profit organizations where convicted criminals are confined by a third party contracted by government agencies for a net profit. Private prisons date as far back as the 1800’s, San Quentin being the first private prison in the U.S. Private prisons had its boom during the 1980’s, three major factor that contributed to the privatization of prisons; Ronald Reagan 's support for privatization, increase in prison population, and the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification program

  • Torte Law

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    1. Explain the most important role of the trial judge in a legal proceeding. Answer1. The most important role of the trial judge is to keep order in the court and is in charge when a jury is present to make sure that the lawyers do not use improper methods to influence the jury during the case. 2. When a trial court makes a legal error in deciding case, what steps must the party take to have the legal error reviewed? Answer 2. If the trial court makes an error then the party needs to take

  • Organizational Integration Essay

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    demonstrated in figure 1, the IMIS is composed of sub systems that operate within the inter-ministerial arrangement. Through the establishment of an inter-sectors flow of information, the system links the Ministry of Higher Education with other government agencies that have interests in the higher educational sectors. The IMIS coordinates information resources and integrates the various sources into one harmonized system that serves the Ministry of Higher Education handling the high education matters

  • Diversity In Public Administration Essay

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    diversity plays in the field of public administration, this paper will firstly explain and evaluate the concept of diversity. Secondly, individual, cultural, and stakeholder diversity will be explored to determine their impact on what occurs in public agencies. Thirdly, the role of diversity in the administrative process will be discussed. Lastly, the role of diversity will also be examined in relation to Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in order to identify ways that FDOT’s leaders can apply

  • A Book report on The Cuckoo?s Egg by Cliff Stoll - A Cuckoo?s Fledgling

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    maturation into an adult, mirrored by the loss of innocence and youthful-trusting-openness taking place in the network community at the time, catalyzed by a hacker halfway around the world, and necessitated by a nonchalant attitude among the governmental agencies supposed to be responsible for computer security. A question all parents, and some elder siblings, ask at some point is, “when should I let Jr. stand on his own?” and while it was only a case of bureaucracy not being equipped to quickly respond to

  • Good Governance

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    having an open, efficient, transparent, and accountable government that will paved the way to a better-administered and corruption-free country. In the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index 2011 report, out of 66 countries evaluated, Philippines ranks as the 31st, 33rd, 39th, 40th, 46th, 34th, 56th, and 47th, respectively, in terms of limited government powers, absence of corruption, order and security, fundamental rights, open government, regulatory enforcement, access to civil justice, and effective

  • Case Study Of Michael Porter's Five Force Model

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    rivals. All offer similar products and services, but their competition is focused primarily on price, meeting the minimum specifications and delivery time. Competition is fierce in the government procurement industry and all employ a low-cost strategy with no product differentiation in many cases. Government agencies are not loyal so each competitor has the ability to take accounts away from each other. Top Competitors 1. Bob Barker Company, Inc. – Estimated Annual

  • The Industrial Classification to Organize Industries

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    by governmental agencies to classify the different industrial areas, for example: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Mining, Transportation, Construction, etc. The classification of industries was created by the United States government to be able to analyze measure and share this data with other agencies. (Pearce, 1957) Before Industry classification was established different branches of the United States government had their own method to analyze a business in which other agencies did not use. It