Understanding the Complexities of Museum Exhibitions

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In every museum, each exhibition represents a series of decisions that some individual or group undertook to compile a series of artifacts together in a display. Often times people fail to recognize the amount of time and several steps one took in order to assemble each arrangement. Source A, source B, and source C each mention different, crucial considerations one mast take into account when facing the responsibility of securing a new artifact for a museum. Source A mentions the financial issues that were taken into consideration behind the creation of the Museum of Modern Art. Although a shortage money was a big threat to the institution, management was an equally important force that the Rockefellers needed to turn their attention to. David Rockefeller begins by saying, “The recurring operating deficit is $1 million a year and is worsening.” (source A) Even after an endowment of $25.6 million, the deficit continued to grow and financial issues become increasingly worse. The financial crises at the Museum of Modern Art was caused by poor management by having each exhibition be in charge of acquiring their own artifacts and programs. This resulted in trustees donating only to …show more content…

Peale's Museum was dependent upon public involvement for its success. It explains in the article that, “Peale’s Museum was notable as a private institution devoted to, and reliant upon, public patronage.” (source B) Peale collected artwork from many different places starting with small samplings of curiosities from in the 1780s and then gathered scientifically classified specimens in the 1820s. Along with displaying different works of art, Peale offered his visitors performers, a zoo, and biological oddities such as a two headed pig. Peale believed that the most efficient way to create a successful Museum was to collect different forms of art along with performers and entertainment. He prioritized the visitors needs for their enjoyment and

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